The Kane Literary Agency is a dynamic and established agency based in London. They represent non-fiction, young adult and children’s fiction. I have a chat with Yasmin Kane about her work at the agency.


Dipa: Could you tell us a bit about your background – how did you become a literary agent?

Yasmin: I originally trained as a lawyer and eventually moved into publishing. After work experience, I set up my agency in 2004 and after 10 years Three Hares Publishing came into being in 2014.

Dipa: Tell us about the authors on your list. What is your process and criteria for selecting an author?

Yasmin: I primarily worked within children’s publishing for a long time, I am an enormous fan of YA fiction – I’ve always felt it is an incredible time of growth and teenage minds are so open and flourishing. I now work with non-fiction titles too, memoirs etc but my heart lies in books of a metaphysical nature.

Moving forward, I am very keen to acquire literary fiction, more non-fiction, particularly in the field of metaphysics, fantasy or any genre standout YA and Middle Grade fiction – I’d love for this to encompass huge themes, think outside the humour box and be moving.

Dipa: Once you decide to sign on an author, what is the process like?

Yasmin: It is really exciting taking on new writers – as it’s the start of an epic journey together. I will edit their manuscript, most books at this stage require some form of editorial input, unless they have been professionally edited by an independent editor.

I would then pitch the book to relevant publishers, this can be a prolonged wait at times and I do my best to keep morale high…


Dipa: With the advent of self-publishing, the publishing industry is believed to have changed considerably. In light of these new developments – how has the role of the traditional publisher changed? 

Yasmin: Self-publishing has not really changed the publishing landscape on such a vast scale. It sits alongside traditional publishing. Self-publishing is a suited to certain individuals. When it first took off, there was this huge fear that publishing would be damaged in some way or have to adapt. I refuse to take part in such trains of thought and can happily report, there is room for everyone!

Whether you wish to self-publish or be published traditionally, research what is involved and then make a decision that will work best for you and your book. It is always subjective and one size most certainly does not fit all…

Dipa: What advice do you have for authors looking to be picked up by a traditional publisher?

Yasmin: Learn the craft of writing, really hone your skills, learn to edit your work. Find a good agent and if your work is ready – it will take off! The conventional route to being picked up a traditional publisher is usually via an agent. Therefore, it is vital to have representation with an agent who really understands your vision and your work.

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