Unearth your hidden treasures.

Discover your soul mission and embark on an unforgettable journey with Mith Books. We are a group of inquisitive souls currently on a voyage to bring you timeless wisdom from around the world… and beyond.

By tapping into thousands of years of ancient cosmology, universal archetypes and spiritual traditions from all the Seven Seas of the Sun, we empower souls with the tools they need to unearth their spiritual gifts and live in alignment with their Pole Star.

Our Services

Book Publishing

We offer a range of services for authors looking to publish their books.

Author Consulting

We partner with aspiring authors to create, polish and refine and their very first manuscript.


We conduct classes, seminars and workshops on spirituality, cultural heritage and the writer’s journey.

Pole Star Ascension

We study the stars to map out a blueprint for your unique destiny.