Words that heal.

Mith Books is the brainchild of Dipa Sanatani, a 4th-generation entrepreneur and educator. She is an accountant by training, a teacher by calling and a publisher by profession. Since 2019, the Mith Books family has been on a voyage to bring you timeless wisdom from around the world… and beyond.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where words are used to heal. Our mission is to cultivate a community that strengthens interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue in order to empower souls on their quest on planet earth. We do that by creating educational programs, partnering with authors from all around the world and providing souls with the tools they need for spiritual ascension.

How We Can Work Together

Educational Programs

Sharing timeless wisdom has never been more convenient or hassle-free with our online classes. We welcome you to discover the hidden treasures that lay dormant in your soul.

Join the Team

You can join us on our quest by becoming a member of the Mith Books family. Contact us for current openings. You will be joining a group of inquisitive souls on a voyage to bring you timeless wisdom from around the world.

Book Publishing

We offer a range of services for authors looking to publish their books. We partner with first-time and aspiring authors to create, polish and refine and their very first manuscript.


Our Books

The highest form of expression for any artist is the act of devotion. 


A true teacher never teaches, but merely allows the student to discover something within them that was there all along.


The Volunteer Weekend

With the aim of showcasing a vast diversity of voices, we always welcome people who’d like to join us for the weekend. Kindly contact us for more information.