The Mith Service

Mith Books is a boutique author consultancy firm that specialises in the written word.

Navigating the world of publishing as a first-time author can be a daunting task. How are successful books published? Traditional publishing versus self-publishing? How does it all work? Which option is right for me?

For debut authors, it can feel like throwing darts in the dark not knowing if your effort and hard work will ever hit the desired target – fulfilling your dream of being a published author. 

If you’ve written or would like to write a book and have no idea where to begin your publication journey – we’re here to guide you through the process. 

The Mith Service

Dipa Sanatani – the Founder of Mith Books – is the best-selling author of The Little Light. She began offering author consultancy services after numerous authors approached her for her expertise on the publication process. As an author and businesswoman, she has first-hand experience with both the creation and publication of a novel.

With decades of solid international experience in journalism, education and the textile business – the founder of Mith Books strongly believes in a practical, grounded and empathetic approach to helping authors achieve their publication goals. 

At Mith Books, we understand the amount of effort, work and courage it takes for authors to present their words to the world. We offer highly customised and personalised services for authors looking to publish their novels. 

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For authors looking to traditionally publish, we can polish up your manuscript to increase your chances of being picked up by a publisher. Authors looking to self-publish can select from our personalised range of services that are applicable to their needs. 

To engage our services, please fill in the contact form below with details on your project. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to helping you get your dreams inked.