Words that matter.


Book publishing.

We offer a range of services for authors looking to publish their books.

We partner with aspiring authors to create, polish and refine and their very first manuscript.

We customise our services for each individual client. Kindly contact us with details of your manuscript for a quote.

Author Consulting & Manuscript Appraisal
Book Cover Design
eBook Formatting and Interior Design
Marketing Strategy Development & Post-Publication Marketing


We conduct classes, seminars and workshops on spirituality, cultural heritage and the writer’s journey.

We offer individual and group classes. We develop customised curricula for schools, corporates and individuals. Kindly contact us for more information.

Ancient Cosmology & Mythology
Spiritual Traditions & Archetypes
Cultural Heritage & History
Literary Techniques & Editing
Traditional & Self-Publishing

Pole Star Ascension.

We study the stars to map out a blueprint for your unique destiny.

  1. Discover your Pole Star
  2. Release limiting blocks and beliefs
  3. Embark on a voyage that was destined for you before you were born
  4. Establish a material legacy that is line with your spiritual gifts
Private Sessions
Group Consultations
Written Reports and Analysis
Words That Heal
Overcome Recurring Patterns

We look forward to guiding you on your journey.