We are a small team of unlikely individuals who came together through the collective consciousness. We love stories and live to read them, write them and collect them. We look forward to working with you.

water polar bear the bear

Dipa R.S.

Publisher and Founder

Dipa delights in collecting stories from all the Seven Seas of the Sun. She can often be found stargazing or looking at the horizon wondering what’s next.

Her Ruling Planet is Jupiter and she’s particularly fond of the Northern Lights.

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Michael G.

Editor In Chief & Head of Sales

Michael delights in polishing stories to perfection and paying attention to the tiniest of details. Born with an aptitude for sales, you can often find him at a bazaar trying to close a deal.

His Ruling Planet is Saturn and he admits to getting crabby from time to time.

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Helios A.

Head of Education & Senior Accountant

Helios is always on the hunt for a good story. When he finds one, he sweeps in and finds it a reader. In his leisure time, he likes studying numbers and telling stories about them.

His Ruling Planet is the Sun and he admits to flying too close to it when the rare occasion permits.

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Paul S.

Publicist & Advisor to the Publisher

Paul has been known to howl from mountain tops to get his message across. He is a born rebel and believes in rising above the noise to get his voice heard.

His Ruling Planet is Mercury and of all the canines, he longs to be a fox.

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Kartikeya S.S.

Head of Community Relations

Kartikeya views every soul in the world as a potential friend in the making. He often finds himself shaking hands with complete strangers to make their acquaintance.

His Ruling Planet is Mars and he prefers travelling in large groups to flying solo.

wooden octopus figurine on book

Eugene L.G.

Assistant to the Publisher

Eugene is a young man at the start of his career. He loves using his eight limbs to multitask effortlessly. His daily responsibilities include assisting the leadership team in anyway he can.

His Ruling Planet is the Moon and in his free time he can be found by the sea reading books on politics and environmental conservation.

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